As a part of Education through Experience, all the children of Paavai School at Salem were on a one – day trip to our Main School- Paavai Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School at Namakkal on 30/6/2017.The trip started at 10 AM and we reached the Main school at 10.45 AM. The children were highly excited during the journey. After reaching the school they were given snacks and juice.To start with, the kids met our Director Dr.C.Satish in his office and greeted him. Then they were taken to the herbal garden to see the different kinds of plants and learnt about their medicinal value. Then they visited the Science lab, Math lab and Computer lab. They went to the Library and were surprised to see the volumes of books available. Children visited the swimming pool where they were taught about the safety measures to be adopted while swimming. Children had an enjoyable dance session along with the teachers at Nrithyalaya – the Dance School of Paavai. They also visited the Paavai Clinic and had a basic health checkup. They went to the Auditorium ‘ Vivekananda Arangam ’ where they enjoyed a short movie session about the underwater world.Children had their lunch at our Food court along with other children which was a different experience for them. After lunch they sat in their respective class rooms along with the main school students and attended classes. This gave them a chance to mingle with their classmates.Return journey started at 2.15 PM and reached the school by 3 PM.