A visit to the Zoo

As a part of your extra-curricular field visits, all the students of Paavai Vidhyashram Nursery and Primary School visited the Zoological Park at kurumbapatti , Salem.The onward journey started at 9:45 A.M from the school. On reaching the Zoo children had a brief rest for few minutes during which time they shared eatables with their friends. The children were taken around the entire Zoo where they saw monkeys, deer, parakeets, python, snakes, crocodiles, elephant etc. The teachers explained them about the different species with the help of the sign boards.Children had lunch in a Park situated inside and enjoyed a play time with their friends. The return journey started at 2 P.M and on reaching school they went home safely with their parents.The children thoroughly enjoyed the day as it was a fun filled experience for them. Travelling and visiting such places expands their horizon and gives them wider knowledge and exposure.